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By | May 9, 2019
Touch Retouch Apk Apps Download If You are Looking Best App I have to say that I am Very Impressed with this Application, Although I Will Probably Never use it to its Full Potential I found that it was easy to use and has a Great clean UI. I needed to Remove some Sizable Objects from a Couple of photos and it was Straight Forward and I was Very Pleased with the Results. This App is Amazing. It does an Incredible job at Removing Annoying Distractions and it’s so clean every time.

Touch Retouch Apk Apps Download Highly recommend it. It is the fastest and best app for perfecting photos. Hands down the best purchase that I have made on the Play Store. I use this app to remove stuff from 360 photos, both true 360s, and tiny planets and it works very well. My applause to the team that created and maintains this app. Keep it up! Excellent app for cleaning up photos and drawings.

Touch Retouch App Download for Android

Touch Retouch Apk It works really well. use this to get rid of unwanted items in my shots. The App Works are really great in getting rid of the tripod in 360. Touch Retouch the app is generally suitable for removing less obvious and smaller objects in the background but challenging to naturally remove people and large, conspicuous objects in the photo. overall, considering the low price tag, this app is definitely valued for money.


One-Touch Fixes

The App is Really good and quick improvements to my photos. Removed lampposts and unwanted glare easily. Greatest app for removing unwanted things that otherwise would ruin a good photo. Does especially well with those pesky powerlines. I would give it five stars if the cloning effect worked better. I have a problem with the cloning circle staying in place on my Galaxy J7-prime. It would be great if such an innovative tool would work better.


I just paid for this app. I’ve tried more than half a dozen editing apps, this one is without a doubt the easiest and most efficient at removing unwanted objects. I can’t wait to see how all the other tools work. This is well worth the price if only for the removal tool. Touch Retouch Absolutely blew away with what you can do with this. I was able to take out power lines between bare tree branches. This is pretty much an overall perfect app. Does what it does extremely well without adding a bunch of half-useable garbage.

Magic in Your Pocket

The Great app and so easy to use. Gives brilliant results. Touch Retouch App Find this easier to use than the Lightroom cc correction tool. The option to do it automatically selects the whole picture. This is by far the best retouching app I have ever used. It scores full marks not just for the results it produces but for the ease of use. It doesn’t get any better than this. Get this one. The interface is very intuitive and although there are tutorials I didn’t need them.

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Fantastic app for removing unwanted objects from your otherwise-perfect photos. The end result relies heavily on the original photo, and sometimes a photo just can’t be fixed with an app. You really won’t know until you try, however. I’ve been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion when TouchRetouch was able to seamlessly remove something. By far the best and easiest app I’ve come across to make minor adjustments to my pictures.