PUBG Mobile Apk It’s amazing, it takes more amount of internet if we played classic mode or mini-zone & also there are some hackers in PUBG mobile, so try to find hackers and ban them. that’s it. It is the best game, amazing and wonderful. Download PUBG Mobile Apk There’s a lot of issues after we updated. I can move freely and see my squad but when the game is starting, I can’t see the plane, I can’t see my squad on the map as if I’m on a solo game, I’m like free-falling when jumping can’t move where I want to. This was a good game however it’s all messed up now. This is my favorite game but I can’t enjoy it because it has too many lags and it runs so slow on my phone.

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This is an excellent online game. Just add some REPLAY OPTION so we could be able to watch the whole battle. Plus players should be able to download it to make it even more superb. All in all, it’s still one of the best online games I’ve ever played. I’ve been playing the game for more than 1 year and it was just this year when I first encountered some cheaters from Vietnam if you want proof I got some screenshots of the whole squad’s usernames. PUBG Mobile Apk I really appreciate that PUBG developers are really trying to improve the game but the thing that is most important is to play the game and most of us can’t play because of the huge lags.

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This Game Kept getting a bunch of shirts. Pants n other things are nice to have also. The game is decent, but the maps are too big. Spend half the time running around looking for people. Could probably cut them in half or something, n make up with more content. As is it’s very vast and empty. With occasional fun. edit: also the logo “Tencent games” is dumb when you have to pay insane amounts of time or money for very very little. I think this game is not at its full potential. I started playing 1 month after it came out and there were many things that I thought could have been done, especially now because of a decrease in popularity. I have an idea for the developers if they read this.

Mobile has been a time saver, or on my downtime when I have some free time on my hands. PUBG Mobile would be even greater if I can download it on Computer, without doing games I don’t need to play, nor do I have to do surveys to even download a game. Is there an app for PUBG Mobile that is free to play without doing Surveys? Because the last time I tried to download this game on a Computer almost made my computer crash because it gave my computer a virus. So I need a Trusted Source. Good evening, I want to report a few bugs in this game, and this is very detrimental to me because my tier goes down 1 tier every time I play is always.

After the latest update, the game is so much glitched. Tencent I think you need to work on making the game smooth rather than adding birds & clothes in the game. The door doesn’t open & the parachute also doesn’t open. You should change the name for PUBG to bug battleground. It’s the worst update & you guys are making the game even worse. I never thought I would say this but after the update, I can’t even play the game. I keep having to change my review because this game keeps getting worse. It started off great, and it still could be a great game. but there are too many bugs, glitches, and hackers that PUBG Refuses to do anything about. And good luck with contacting their customer service too. By far the WORST customer service I’ve ever seen. All you get are automated messages that don’t help you with anything.

Too many cheaters man. I saw people doing live on Facebook and youtube showing the link where they can download the hack. Also one of my friends is hacking too and I’m trying to tell him to stop coz it’s unfair but he’s saying “No if we don’t cheat, how can we win this game full of cheaters” and that’s when I stopped playing with him. I said to him that he can only play with me when he’s not using his hack coz it kills the fun. Please focus more on the anti-hack than making more skins. Excellent! Amazing gameplay and works very well on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It really gives gamers an experience that is not only limited to PC users. I’m very glad that they decided to make a mobile version of this game. Zapya Apk Download for Your Android Mobile





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