Magic Fluids Free Download for Android

By | May 26, 2019

Magic Fluids Free This app is the best!! I struggle with anxiety but this so calms me down in any situation, the live backgrounds are so cool as whenever I am looking for an app or have just opened my phone I get to play around without having to open the app. Magic Fluids Free

This is an absolutely gorgeous wallpaper and I can pass time just playing with the different settings and listening to music it’s quite relaxing. I just might have to but the full version.

Special Effects Like Glow & Textures

Magic Fluids I love it! Always opens. Really gets my imagination going. Helps me fall asleep too. This application is very easy to use and is an excellent sensory, Once I add wallpaper and use for a week or so I will change my rating. For now, this is a cool app that does something, when you touch the screen. We see how battery life is used while this is on constantly. This is Very Relaxing

! Spend 2 minutes chilling with this app to melt the stress away.

Features of Magic Fluids

This is Really a Relaxing way to just watch the flow of colors and to have it as a live wallpaper, that’s even better because now I can show my friends the boring black background but when I swipe, it makes colors and they love it too! Thank you for bringing us this wonderful app, all the dislikes or haters must be bots or something and if they don’t like it doesn’t install it in the first place. Magic Fluids App This is a very calming and relaxing app to use, however recently it stopped working as a background on my phone.

I really enjoy the App but there’s still much for me to learn about it. Children love it because the bright colors keep them focused and entertained but I would like to know more about it so I can use it for art and not just a live wallpaper. All around I think its a great app but more clear instructions and information on it I believe is needed. Thanks for a Great App. I will soon be purchasing the whole version.

Magic Fluids Free Download for Android it is an excellent game one of the best games in the world if you are an artist or not or you need to calm down. This game is the best game in the world. it helps you with a lot of things. it is absolutely a Great Game. is also a great Time Killer. and has no ads so you can have a great time. I absolutely Love this game. It’s actually really fun, but my phone died and now my home screen doesn’t work. I’ve tried setting it as my home screen again.