If you also play PUBG on your mobile and you want to play Pubg on 90 FPS then you have to read this post carefully. How to enable 90 fps in PUBG Mobile on Any Device Very easy if you want you to use this method in mobile then I am going to guide you completely. GFX tool is commonly used to run on Pubg Mobile But it causes a lot of problems. Enable 90 fps in PUBG Mobile on Any Device The method I will tell you in this post will make it easy for you to run on Pubg Mobile 90 fps.

No matter what mobile you have, you can easily play this game with high graphics. As well as the way I will tell you the way you have to follow it well. 90 Fps in PUBG Mobile For those who have Android Mobile 11, this may be a bit of a problem. For the rest of the Android 10 and as many mobiles as possible, this method works easily. People who use the GFX tool in their mobiles start having mobile hangs. The game doesn’t run smoothly so today I am going to share with you a method that will help you.

PUBG Mobile 90 FPS Config File Download for Android

How to Enable 90 Fps in PUBG Mobile on Any Device

PUBG Mobile 90 fps config file download for Android Mobile. A lot of people go to Google and do a search to find out how we can download the Config file. Let me tell you that you can easily download this file from the same website whose link you will find at the end of this post. On this website, you will find the original file to be downloaded. Let me tell you one day in advance that these are for Android mobile only. If you use iOS then you will not find the file here.

Enable 90 Fps in PUBG Mobile on Any Device Full Method

If you also want to play Pubg mobile 90 fps on your mobile then I am telling you the complete procedure in the video. 90 Fps in PUBG Mobile on Any Device When you watch the whole video, I am sure you will understand the whole procedure and you will know which file to download. After watching the whole video, if you still don’t understand anything, you can comment below and ask me. You have to watch this video carefully and you will not miss any Steps.

In this video, I have fully guided you on how to play your game setting on high graphics. So you must watch this video from beginning to end so that you understand well. I can’t explain the whole procedure in the post because I have also explained the order in the video how to set it up so watch the whole video you understand well. This video is made especially for Vivo v20 But you can use it on other mobiles as well. The procedure is exactly the same so you don’t have to worry.

Don’t Use GFX Tool with Pubg in Smartphone

A lot of people ask if we should use the GFX tool on our mobile or not. Let me tell you if you use it on your mobile then it can block your id. If I do my thing, I have been doing GFX Tool for a long time but my ID is not Ban. A lot of people use this They say that our ID was blocked but my ID is not blocked till today. The procedure I am telling you in this video, I guarantee that if you use this file on your mobile in this way, your ID will never be blocked. Study in Canada | Explore Universities & Cities Guide App

The method described in this post is King on Hundred Percent. You can use this method on any mobile. Also below this line, you will find the download button. You can easily download this file from the same website. If you have any difficulty in downloading or using the method, you can ask me. At the end of this post, you will see a blue color download button. Once you have the speaker, this file will be automatically downloaded to your mobile phone.

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