Akinator Apk Hi dear, my name is Wasim in this article I tell You the Best Application for your Android mobile. Akinator is the best application if you are searching best app that guesses you are a hint or read your mind easily. Then I recommended you please download this application because you never see this application in your life. I know that this is very important for you because I personally use this application on my Android mobile. Akinator ap is the world number one mind reader app hi read your mind with one click. It’s a cool game, it’s just very frustrating that almost every character I get is a VIP character.

Akinator Apk  It’s a Cool Game, it’s Just Very Frustrating that Almost Every Character I get is a VIP character. The App is Smart and Amazing it can Detect when I was trying to cheat and it can guess quite a lot of what I was thinking. The only problem is that there are some things that it cannot Guess I don’t think the game has those. The Actor is a very good and interesting game. It is also about AI (Artificial Intelligence) which will take place in a few years. I will advise everyone to play it and enjoy it.

The Main Features of Akinator Apk

Akinator Apk

The Game is fun and very creative, but now it tries to shove monetization Down our throats by making 80% of the Characters. We Cannot be viewed to see if the guess was Even right without paying. It says that you can also watch an ad to view the Character, but it doesn’t work. I would rather it had annoying pop-ups then this Seriously, Can’t You just make a game enjoyable, Monetization is fine, but don’t restrict the Gameplay. My friends and I used to spend hours on this site when it first came out.

Akinator Apk I Used to Mess Around with the Old Akinator flash game on web Browsers. It was a Pretty Good time waster. I found the app years ago, and feel like playing it every now and then. I always enjoy giving it characters it somehow guesses. I feel like it’s been rather ruined with the unnecessary VIP system, and videos don’t always work. Of course, it’s a free game, and they need to make money, and the ad-less option should be that source. Just don’t get greedy like every other app developer lately.



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