30 Day Fitness Challenge App Download for Android

By | May 22, 2019

30 Day Fitness Challenge Apk This app is Fantastic if you don’t like the gym or Spending money on workout equipment! All you need is a chair and a soft floor surface (the app says to use a mat, but a carpet will do). It keeps you motivated with each day that you get to check off. I love the lady robot voice that gives you tips and pointers. If you do this app and eat/drink more healthfully, you will see results. 30 Day Fitness

Challenge Apk I am a mom and it has really toned up some of the mommy jiggles.

It’s the only Fitness App I’ve used so far and it worked great for me. Starting from easy and reaching hard takes months but it is worth it. I didn’t want to lose weight just get back in shape and strengthen my muscles. And in 2 months’ time, I got the results I wanted. It is a great app. Ads pop on just at the end of the program so they’re not annoying. It does have instructions and links to videos for Exercises.

30 Day Fitness Challenge app Download for PC

Fitness App I’ve used this for a month and my lower Back Pain has started to subside and some days isn’t even there. I’m stronger than I was before and it’s only a few minutes a day. It shows me that I can build up strength slowly to avoid injury unlike a lot of programs that made me go too hard too fast and caused me to regress into more pain. This app is great for beginners

or people who have injuries and are looking to build up strength slowly.

I am alternating the 5 easy 30 Day Challenges. If you just go through one challenge, the difficulty increases too quickly. Also, this is more like working with a trainer. One day you concentrate on abs, the next day on your legs. It’s working! I am developing a habit, and I am staying Motivated. The App has a lot of exercises that really get you sweating without So Many Ads, yes there is but not a lot of them. The App gives you the chance to select your difficulty level and has a reminder set so you don’t skip a day.

30 Day Fitness Challenge App

I Love the simplicity of this App! I can choose which level of intensity exercise I want, even on lazy days I can pick which body parts I want to work on, and on days I feel like a real Challenge there’s plenty of routines for that too. Also, there are ads but not interruptive at all. This app is Awesome! The only thing I do not like is if I exit the app for a brief moment to answer a text or change my music, the rest timers do not continue to count the time between Exercises.

It is always better to give some warm-ups before proceeding with the main Exercises. However, you just gave it somewhere in the Disclaimer/ bottom of the science section which most people don’t care to read. Hope you will update this app with those Warmup Exercises as well. I thought that it was a great app when I started using it. Though after a while it got tedious and boring with mostly the same exercises repeating, the only thing that really changes is the Reps.
I am using this app for 13 days, And I am already seeing the Change in my Body. It’s really a great app, exercises are not too hard and not time-consuming. I took one star down because it does not show the calories burnt in the calendar after I finish my day’s challenge, so calorie tracking is difficult. It’s a good App and I would recommend if I wasn’t having a problem with it. I started a week ago but it’s only tracking every other day for me, and I’ve Worked Out every day.